Art and craft of mixtape

Mixtape links

Mixtape Culture – a blog from the Music As Culture research project of the Interactive Cultures Research Unit at the Birmingham School of Media was set up in October 2009. They seek photographs of old mixtapes or cassette compilations people have made, and some information about them, what makes them meaningful.

‘MY C90: Mixtapes are the original social media’ post by Dan Slee on his blog, The Dan Slee Blog, discusses the Art of Mixtape and links to other posts and web sites.

The complication of a compilation, post on the Mirror of the Graces blog by Sarah Lay, considers the appeal, sentiments and practicalities of mixtapes.

EV001 Manchester (MixTape) Post on the Mirror of the Graces blog. Discussion of and listing of tracks of the Epic Visionary Manchester mixtape compiled by Sarah Lay and Dan Slee.

EV002a My Own Summer Post on the Mirror of Graces blog. Sarah Lay lists a CD length compilation that embodies summer for her, inspired by a compilation, EV002 Summertime, by Jamie Summerfield and Russell Tanner.

Epic Mixtape – a blog set up in April 2010 about creating truly epic mixtapes, often to specific themes (such as summer). Visit and become an epic mixtaper. It does allow for CD compliations – the idea is to limit oneself to the constrictions of the original media – but can provide as a Spotify or similar playlist to share with others.

Remember mixtapes are about sharing too!


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